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Building a better world through biking.

As more cyclists take to city streets, it's important that we advocate for each other through our actions. Whether you're a commuter, power pedaler, messenger, or weekend cruiser, we believe that a nice biking environment starts by setting a good example. Here's our take on a better, safer world for all of us.

Join us by being not just bicyclists, but nicyclists.

Ride in the flow of traffic, not around or beside it.
Point in the direction you are turning with dramatic, visible gestures.
Check behind you and signal before avoiding obstacles.
Leave trucks extra space – they’re bigger and blinder than you.
Be nice to pedestrians (and everyone else).
Honk to stop drivers turning left. Scream if you have to.
Adhere to all traffic laws – even the ones you don’t like.


Probably the most important item.


Just in case.

Solid Brakes

Make sure you can stop when you want to.

Bright Lights

White in front, red in back. So people don’t bump into you at night.

Bicycle Bell

Pleasantly caution pedestrians.

Bicycle Horn

Should sound just like a car horn. Make your presence known without shouting your head off.